Altor and Bure assume ownership of Carnegie Investment Bank AB

Today, all shares in Carnegie Investment Bank were transferred to Altor and Bure.

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and the appropriate authorities in the countries in which Carnegie is active have granted the required permits in the owner evaluation. The Swedish National Debt Office reached an agreement on February 11, 2009 regarding the sale of the shares in Carnegie Investment Bank AB to Altor Fund III and Bure Equity AB. An Extraordinary General Meeting has been held at which a new Board of Directors was appointed for Carnegie Investment Bank AB. The new Board consists of Arne Liljedahl (Chairman), Björn Björnsson, Fredrik Cappelen, Harald Mix, Fredrik Strömholm and Patrik Tigerschiöld.

“Carnegie has experienced a highly trying period and I am impressed by the employees’ efforts, which were reflected in recent recognitions from customers. I am convinced that the new owners will provide Carnegie a new start with ample opportunity to develop the business”, says outgoing Chairman Peter Norman.

“As incoming Chairman, I look forward to the opportunity to influence the next chapter of Carnegie’s history. I have worked in the finance industry for a long time and know the kind of driven and committed employees found at Carnegie. Together with the management team, the Board will now work out the roadmap for the coming years aiming to develop the business while retaining focus on risk management and internal control”, says Arne Liljedahl, incoming Chairman of Carnegie Investment Bank AB.

Author: Katarina Karlsson
Date: 2009.05.19
Categories: News

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