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Welcome Niklas & Zacharias

The quality of our work is dependent on our ability to attract and retain exceptional talent in our firm. Most recently, we have been able to attract two new hires as Associates in Niklas Mattsson and Zacharias Wulff.

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So much more than a meal

O’Learys is investing heavily in taking the combination of food, sports, music and social games – to the next level. Read more about their Entertainment Concept.

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A recommended offer to the shareholders

For more information about the offer, please visit

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A safer way to a sunny spot

Covid-19 shut down the travel industry for months. But hospitality, safety and the promise of new experiences and creating new memories will bring it back.

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Promotions at Altor

Growing and developing our talent has always been a number one priority. This year we have promoted a number of our great colleagues.

Winds of Change

The goal is simple, a 100% sustainable planet. No more, no less. But, even if the business itself is about sustainability, how do you build a truly sustainable company?

Investing in your personal health

The spring and summer seasons have proved strong for the sports retail markets following Covid-19. Whilst working from home, we have been able to invest more in home exercise equipment and actively gear up in sports such as golf and bicycling. XXL has seen solid growth across its categories.

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What is the secret sauce of Altor? A company with a number of resembling traits among our team members – but also contradictions and diversity of thought. Something we believe is quite unique and distinctive. See our film here!

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Altor’s new Head of ESG, Stephanie Hubold, joins with a clear mission. “Environmental, social, and governance topics are too often looked at from a pure compliance and risk angle.” she explains. “Actually, high ESG performance can be an important driver of financial value creation.”

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The flip side of a crisis

In times of crisis, new behaviors are taking shape. In 2002 at the SARS-virus outbreak millions of people, afraid to go outside, went shopping online. Alibaba, just three years old at the time, soared. Covid-19 will create similar necessary digital transformations. And here, Curamando, Altor’s recent investment, will play an important role.

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The incredible

As part of the Rossignol investment, the premium knit-wear producer Dale of Norway, was added to the Group. One successful move was to bring production of Rossignol’s sweaters from China to the quaint village of Dale, nestled between steep mountains, waterfalls and fjords on the west coast of Norway.

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Promotions worth celebrating

Promoting the next generation leaders is essential at Altor. In order to recognize, reward and ensure development of our investment staff talent, we have introduced a new career step for senior Directors on the way to a potential partnership in the firm.

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Meet our tech sector team

With investments in companies such as Meltwater and Iyuno Media Group, Altor is creating a bigger presence in the Tech Sector. In order to better bridge experiences in between companies in this field, Altor has developed a team internally which is being supported by a Board of seasoned outside experts.

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Say hi to our new colleagues

During the beginning of 2020, Altor has been able to attract a quartet of new employees: Isabella Eichler, Johan Reiersen, Cornelia Jebsen Anker and Kristian Sandaker. Isabella is based out of our Zürich-office while Johan, Cornelia and Kristian are based in Oslo.

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Fishing for talent at Harvard

Today there is truly a war for talent. Altor has been successful at attracting two investment team members outside its traditional locations – from one of the most prestigious spots in the world: Harvard University.

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Giga growth for Benelux pioneer

In 2016, Altor entered into a partnership with the founder of Infotheek. Infotheek offers new, end of life and refurbished IT hardware as well as software and related services to corporations, public organizations and IT resellers. This investment was done at the back-end of Altor’s successful ten-year ownership of Dustin – the leading online IT reseller in the Nordics.

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Dressed for success

“We were born on Facebook with just a few hundred customers. Today our social media following is over 500 000 people. Without Facebook we would still have been stuck in my father’s garage – where it all started” says Pernilla Nyrensten, founder and CEO of RevolutionRace.