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A safer way to a sunny spot

Among businesses affected by the corona pandemic, the global travel industry was shut down faster. But now Nordic Leisure Travel Group, with the well-known travel brands Ving, Spies, and Tjäreborg, is up and running again.

Travel restrictions grounded all planes, and hotels had to close almost from one day to the next as countries shut down to prevent the spread of the corona virus. From that day the full focus for Altor and Nordic Leisure Travel Group have been on how to re-open in a safe way, see the film below on the new safety measures taken. Though crisis management is not unheard of in the travel industry, the situation during the spring has been exceptional.

“The spring of 2020 felt longer than most. But taking care of the guests must always be the number one priority. And when travel restrictions were lifted, we were ready to take off again and we are excited to yet again give our customers the best weeks of their year with new safe travel measures around covid-19 in place, says Magnus Wikner, CEO of Nordic Leisure Travel Group.

Since the group consists of both hotels and a branded airline this meant finding new ways of operating both in the air and on the ground. Reinforcing routines for checked luggage, increased cleaning, eliminating crowds while making social distancing possible and many, many other incremental changes. But there is a silver lining for Nordic Leisure Travel Group, bookings for the coming year is exceeding expectations and 2020 is looking better than anyone thought mid-March.

“We have always said that we don’t just sell trips and vacations. We are selling expectations, experiences and memories. As long as we keep that in mind, the guests will always find their way back, says Magnus Wikner.”

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Promotions at Altor

Growing and developing our talent has always been a number one priority. This year we have promoted a number of our great colleagues.

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A recommended offer to the shareholders

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