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What is the secret sauce of Altor? Is there an Altor culture and what is it all about? Many of the myths about what companies like ours do are gone, which is a relief. So welcome to Altor, a company with a number of resembling traits among our team members – but also contradictions and diversity of thought. All in all creating something we believe is quite unique and distinctive. We have tried to capture it in a little less than two and a half minutes. Enjoy!

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Altor’s new Head of ESG, Stephanie Hubold, joins with a clear mission. “Environmental, social, and governance topics are too often looked at from a pure compliance and risk angle.” she explains. “Actually, high ESG performance can be an important driver of financial value creation.”

Investing in your personal health

The spring and summer seasons have proved strong for the sports retail markets following Covid-19. Whilst working from home, we have been able to invest more in home exercise equipment and actively gear up in sports such as golf and bicycling. XXL has seen solid growth across its categories.