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As part of expanding Altor’s ownership of Rossignol, the premium knit-wear producer Dale of Norway, was added to the Group. One successful move was to bring production of Rossignol’s sweaters from China to the quaint village of Dale, nestled between steep mountains, waterfalls and fjords on the west coast of Norway.

The knit-wear producer Dale of Norway has designed, manufactured and marketed high-end wool garments since 1879. The company is globally recognised for its premium quality wool products and unique Norwegian brand image. Manufacturing takes place at Dalekvam, Norway, led by an in-house production design team with unique and world leading competence in innovative knitting techniques. The knitting competence has been passed on from generation to generation, with use of only 100% pure premium wool. The manufacturing exploits the renewable and clean energy from the local waterfalls, and raw materials are eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Dale of Norway is one of the additions to the Rossignol Group that Altor has built up around and after the acquisitions of Rossignol.  During Altor’s six years of owner- and partnership with Rossignol, the product offering has been extended from lifestyle apparel via footwear to bikes to enable people to enjoy the brand 12 months every year, not only during the skiing season.

 “In Dale, we have the world’s most efficient textile factory – we have used that for a really transformative change”, says Herman Korsgaard, Director at Altor. “We have been able to move production from continental Europe and China to Dalekvam. It’s pretty incredible.”

“We have moved five models and 5000 sweaters from China to Dale. We have expanded the factory and production facilities there since we acquired the company. So we’re going to produce even more in Norway” says Korsgaard.

For much of Dale’s recent success, the Altor-team praises the Norwegian entrepreneur Hilde Midthjell and her efforts as CEO for the company. “It is amazingly impressive, Midthjell has made a fantastic effort” says Korsgaard.

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Say Hi to our new Partners!

Promoting the next generation of leaders is essential at Altor. We have a long-standing tradition of growing talent from within and with our broad spectrum of companies and opportunities, personal growth is at the heart of what we do and believe in.

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The flip side of a crisis

In times of crisis, new behaviors are taking shape. In 2002 at the SARS-virus outbreak millions of people, afraid to go outside, went shopping online. Alibaba, just three years old at the time, soared. Covid-19 will create similar necessary digital transformations. And here, Curamando, Altor’s recent investment, will play an important role.