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Ving is making waves

The toughest year ever for the travel industry is coming to an end. Ving, the Nordic region’s leading holiday company with Altor and Petter Stordalen’s Strawberry as the largest owner, is now looking forward to a time after the pandemic where the desire to travel is great. In the final days of December 2020, the company wrote a new exciting chapter in its over 60-year history by investing heavily in the crisis and launching a completely new identity and brand strategy that focuses on more personal experiences, greater freedom of choice and simplicity, but still with the security that comes with traveling with Ving.

In the beginning of December, Ving saw a clear increase in sales.

– After a very challenging year, we are starting to see a trend break with several positive signals around, for example, vaccines. The longing for travel is immense and demand is now increasing ahead of the spring and summer of 2021, says Magnus Wikner, CEO of Vinggruppen. 

Ving is increasing its focus on personal experiences which is made visible in the product range and in the breadth of offerings. It can be anything from pure theme / training trips to finding a selection of design or family hotels with swim-out pools and Lollo & Bernie. More news will be coming soon, including hotels, training trips and nature experiences. 

Regardless of why we travel, the holiday is primarily about feeling good. This is shown by Ving’s survey with just over 8,000 respondents, where “well-being” is the main reason for traveling on holiday. The vast majority believe that holiday leave is about feeling good or relaxing and having time for loved ones. Many also want to experience things you otherwise do not have time for. 

The new logotype “Waves of well-being” is in short about the opportunities for each customer to find their own journey to feel good. Ving’s classic orange color is retained in the new logo and meets customers in all parts during the trip, in hotels, as well as aircraft and transfer buses. The first aircraft from Sunclass Airlines is of course painted with the new symbol.

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Welcome Niklas & Zacharias

The quality of our work is dependent on our ability to attract and retain exceptional talent in our firm. Most recently, we have been able to attract two new hires as Associates in Niklas Mattsson and Zacharias Wulff.

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Technology supporting the bond market

Nordic Trustee helps participants in the Nordic bond market transform complex to easy through innovation and technology. The close relationships with clients, enables new innovative ideas for services and solutions to come up.