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2018 turnover

EUR 198m

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Ålö is the global market leader in top-quality front loaders and associated implements for agricultural tractors, with sales in more than 40 countries. Front loaders and implements are sold under the Quicke brand as well as in cooperation with tractor OEMs. The company has production facilities in Sweden, US, China and France.

Why we believe in Ålö:

  • Ålö is the market leader with ~30% global market share, a comprehensive top-quality product range, a strong brand, loyal customers and a global world class production footprint
  • Dedicated to maximize customer value through focus on user productivity, user ergonomics, superior performance and durability, modern design and a smart digital control system
  • Growth in underlying markets driven by increased industrialization in agriculture in developed as well as developing markets


Niklas Åström


Investment Advisory Team

Bengt Maunsbach

David Persson