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2020 turnover

~34 MEUR

No. of employees


Acquisition date

December 2019


Fund V

ARC consists of the «digital first» consultancies Curamando, Conversionista, Kurppa Hosk, Animal, Keybroker, Above, Cupole and Umain whom together combine leading digital transformation, performance marketing and creative agency under one roof to drive clients’ growth by increasing their digital competitiveness and capabilities to operate digital marketing and sales. The Group has ~300 employees with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo.

Why we believe in ARC:

  • The digital consultancy market is fundamentally attractive with >20% p.a. long-term growth
  • Clear winner in a fragmented market and an attractive platform investment
  • Proven track-record of high growth while maintaining a fantastic customer and employee feedback, as well as a scalable operating model


Mattias Olofsson


Investment Advisory Team

Stefan Linder

Mattias Holmström


Gustav Axelson