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2020 turnover

EUR >15M




December 2021


Fund V

Andreas Romdhane and Josef Svedlund launched the Audiowell Group with a mission to increase the quality of lifestyle music by partnering up with talented creators and dedicating adequate time and resources. They have the ambition to enable musicians, songwriters, and creators to live off their music in today’s music industry.

Audiowell operates out of a music studio complex in the heart of Stockholm, from where it supports over 100 music creators across the globe, focusing on a broad range of genres such as Jazz, Relaxation, Acoustic, Dance, Rock, Classical.

Why we believe in Audiowell:

  • Sizeable and growing global streaming market, where lifestyle music remains a small share expected to grow double digit, and content ownership constitutes a favorable position in the value chain
  • Audiowell has a first mover advantage in the fragmented lifestyle music space, already being the leading lifestyle music provider on several platforms with an unprecedented catalogue of lifestyle music
  • Audiowell has a sound business model with high share of recurring revenues tied to a vast and growing catalogue of the highest quality


Andreas Romdhane

Josef Svedlund

Investment Advisory Team

Andreas Källström Säfweräng

Matilda Elfving Hauan

Linnéa Ekroth