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Nordic Leisure Travel Group (NLTG) is the market leading travel operator in the Nordics, selling 1.5 million holiday trips annually. The Company offers package holidays to consumers under the brands Ving (SE/NO), Spies (DK) and Tjäreborg (FI). NLTG has an integrated operating model (tour operators, airline, and hotel operations) across the four Nordic Countries, with short- and long-haul destinations across the world.

NLTG’s strategy has three major elements: Firstly, to further develop the unique concept hotels, continuously delivering the best holiday experience for our customers. Secondly, ESG is at the heart of NLTG, with an ambition to become net zero for branded hotel operations and own airline, as well as supporting the local communities in its holiday destinations. And finally to create a re-focused and more agile NLTG, with a lower and more flexible cost base, optimally positioned to react to changing consumer preferences and market changes.


Why we believe in NLTG

  • Industry leader with a strong brand position and a unique customer value proposition through its branded airline and hotels
  • Long-term profitability outperforming the market due to a unique operating model that enables high-capacity utilization
  • Well positioned to continue to grow on the back of a completed transformation to a digital sales model

About Nordic Leisure Travel Group

2022 turnover (Calendar year)

EUR 1069M



Investment date

Oct 2019


Fund V

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