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2020 Turnover

EUR 275M

No. of Employees


Acquisition date

October 2019


Fund V

Nordic Leisure Travel Group (“NLTG”) is the market leading tour operator in the Nordics, selling package holidays to consumers under the brands Ving (SE/NO), Spies (DK) and Tjäreborg (FI). The Company has an integrated operating model (tour operators, airline and hotel operations) across the four Nordic Countries, with short- and long-haul destinations across the world

Why we believe in NLTG

  • Industry leader with a strong brand position and a unique customer value proposition through its branded airline and hotels
  • Long-term profitability outperforming the market due to an unique operating model that enables high capacity utilization
  • Uniquely positioned to continue to grow on the back of a completed transformation to a digital sales model


Magnus Wikner


Investment Advisory Team

Harald Mix

Petter Samlin

Clara Zverina

Gabriel Sjöström