Business Services & Wholesale /
(former Papyrus)

2019 turnover

EUR 1bn

No. of employees

~1 588

Acquisition date

April 2008


Fund II

OptiGroup is a leading European business-to-business distributor of business essentials. OptiGroup provide solutions for facility management companies, the printing and creative sector, the industrial packaging and safety sectors and the retail and reseller and foodservice sectors. OptiGroup companies support more than 90,000 customers in 19 countries across Europe.

Why we believe in OptiGroup:

  • OptiGroup is the market leader in its sectors with efficient logistics and customer service models as well as a strong purchasing platform
  • OptiGroup has several organic growth opportunities by taking market share and broadening it’s offering across existing geographies
  • OptiGroup has the opportunity to consolidate its fragmented markets and has a strong track record of M&A


Søren Gaardboe


Investment Advisory Team

Bengt Maunsbach

Gabriel Sjöström

Johan Reiersen