QNTM Group

Accelerating growth and the next big leap



QNTM Group is a group of unique software and tech companies within MarTech and AdTech that all contribute to top line growth for companies  The group currently consists of multiple different companies and is continually growing.

The QNTM Group forms a leading  group of companies with a unique digital skillset and cutting-edge software and technology solutions, supporting public and private companies to be more efficient and deliver increased top-line growth. QNTM is part of the Altor Digital initiative.


Why we believe in QNTM Group

  • Shift to digital business models driving significant growth across Martech and Adtech software
  • QNTM has a distinct approach to support CMOs and CXOs with best-of-breed software solutions from leading companies in the space
  • Value creation from both organic growth, M&A, and synergies across the group

About QNTM Group

2023 turnover (CY)




Investment date

Jan 2021


Fund V

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