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QNTM Group

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December 2019


Fund V

QNTM Group is an ecosystem of companies within digital strategy and operation, software, and technology that all contribute to top line growth. Companies with a unique position and great global growth potential. The QNTM Group form a unique ecosystem of leading companies with unique digital skillset and on the edge software and technology solutions who supporting public and private companies to be more efficient and deliver increased top-line growth.  The ecosystem consist of 8 different brands as of today and continually growing.

Why we believe in QNTM Group:

  • Shift to digital business models driving significant growth across tech advisory and SW businesses
  • QNTM has a distinct commercial value chain approach to build an ecosystem of leading companies in the space
  • Value creation from both organic growth, M&A, and synergies across the group


Eivind Roald


Investment Advisory Team

Stefan Linder

Mattias Holmström

Gustav Axelson