• 2017 turnover EUR 713m
  • No. of employees ~ 500
  • Acquisition date March 2016


Infotheek offers new, end of life, renew and refurbished IT hardware as well as software and related services to corporations, public organizations and IT resellers. Head office in Leiden, Netherlands with subsidiaries in 11 European countries.

Why we believe in Infotheek:

  • End of life, renew and refurbished IT hardware representing attractive market niches in the overall IT hardware market
  • Infotheek is the #1 pan-European reseller and distributor of end of life and refurbished IT equipment with a strong online platform and sales force
  • Strong logic for consolidation of a fragmented market and several organic growth opportunities including international expansion


  • Harald Werner (acting CEO)

Investment Advisory Team

  • Stefan Linder BoD
  • Jens Browaldh BoD
  • Matilda Elfving Hauan