• 2017 turnover EUR 140m
  • No. of employees ~ 1,900
  • Acquisition date June 2016

Realia Group

Realia is the leading property management company in Scandinavia offering a broad portfolio of services to property investors and apartment house companies. Realia is also the market leader within brokerage services in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The company has approx. 1,900 employees in six countries.

Why we believe in Realia:

  • Property management is a stable industry with a clear outsourcing trend
  • Realia has the ability to grow above market organically by providing superior services to property investors and apartment house companies leveraging scale and investments in new technologie
  • Realia is the natural consolidator in Scandinavia in a very fragmented industry


  • Matti Bergendahl CEO

Investment Advisory Team

  • Bengt Maunsbach BoD
  • Niko Mokkila BoD
  • Axel Ahlström