C WorldWide

Active investors

C WorldWide Asset Management is a focused and independent Nordic asset manager with global reach and c. EUR 20bn in assets under management. The objective is to deliver consistent, long-term asset growth for investors through active management of equity strategies.

Clients are mainly institutional investors and external distribution channels. The product range includes discretionary asset management services and mutual fund products. The combination of a unique investment philosophy based on careful stock-picking and long-term global trends coupled with a stable team of experienced portfolio managers, has since 1986 resulted in world-class investment results.

Why we believe in C WorldWide (“CWW”):

  • CWW is the Nordic leader in active asset management with focus on long-term, sustainable ownership, and alpha generation
  • Strong international distribution platform providing a truly global reach
  • Well-established brand and Nordic heritage

About C WorldWide

2023 turnover (CY)




Investment date

May 2009


Fund III

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