AGR Acquired by Silverfleet Capital

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Author: Katarina Karlsson
Date: 2014.07.21
Categories: News

The Altor Funds and Investor to divest the majority of Lindorff to Nordic Capital

The Altor Funds (Altor) and Investor have signed an agreement to divest the majority of their holdings in Lindorff to Nordic Capital for an enterprise value of EUR 2.3bn, of which a conditional shareholder note of EUR 200 million. Lindorff was acquired by Altor in 2004. In 2008, Investor AB acquired 50% of the company....

Commencement of in-court restructuring procedure in two subsidiaries of OW Bunker

Altor Fund II (Altor) acquired OW Bunker in August 2007. During Altor’s ownership the company’s sales and net profit have increased consistently and substantially. On March 28 2014, OW Bunker was listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen and Altor went from holding 93 percent of the shares to owning 35 percent of the shares (post listing)...