Clean energy-tech to every home

AIRA was established in 2022 with the ambition to accelerate the electrification of residential heating in Europe. Residential heating is to >90% reliant on fossil fuel heating, i.e., oil and gas boilers, corresponding to Europe’s third largest contributor to CO2 emissions.

In addition, heat pumps is the most efficient and affordable decarbonization technology for residential heating, reducing home energy consumption with some 75%.  Aira is targeting to manufacture, sell and install heat pumps at scale, through a vertically integrated business model and a direct to consumer offering with “heating as a service“.


Why we believe in AIRA

  • Attractive heat pump market estimated to show double digit growth until 2030 driven by favourable end-customer economics and regulation
  • Fragmented and inefficient heat pump value chain, with local, sub-scale players in each part of the value chain
  • AIRA’s vertically integrated model is fundamentally more cost efficient and offering a superior value proposition to end-customers

About Aira

2022 turnover (Calendar year)




Investment date

Aug 2023


Fund VI

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