Saving resources 

Making sure what goes around comes around.

Taking care of scarce global resources is becoming an increasingly key global priority. Re-cycling by-products from meat, poultry, and fish allows these resources to be utilized again as proteins, minerals and fuels.  Haarslev is the clear global market leader in durable, high-quality equipment for rendering and related by-product processing solutions with offices and manufacturing locations in 16 countries. Haarslev’s specialist equipment and knowhow ensures that customers can run safe, healthy, and financially viable protein recycling operations.

What are the social and environmental challenges faced by the food sector?

One of the major challenges for the food sector to address is the vast amount of non-used food, especially from livestock processing, and its negative impact on the environment due to wasted resources and energy use. According to the European Fat Processors and Renderers Association (EFPRA) and the North American Renderers Association (NARA), 40% of Europe’s, and up to 50% of North America’s, market of livestock, poultry and fish slaughtered for human consumption are not immediately used. Therein lies an opportunity to make use of resources that would otherwise have been wasted. 

What is the potential and impact of Haarslev operations?

Haarslev’s technical solutions make it possible to recover and re-use huge volumes of organic by-products from society’s food production using safe, hygienic plants that get more out of the planet’s scarce resources and deliver higher end-product value than ever before. The technical solutions provide energy- efficient ways to break down huge quantities of leftovers and waste from processing meat, poultry and fish into valuable proteins, ingredients and other materials that can be put to responsible use in a circular economy model that safeguards resources. There is a ripple effect to Haarslev’s business in how they enable processing companies to operate more responsibly and reduce their environmental impact.  

In 2022 Altor released its first Sustainability Report based on data and information from 2021. For the report, a selection of portfolio companies were interviewed about their interesting ESG journeys. In the report you will find more on Altor’s work on Environmental, Social and Governance-related topics and other interesting cases from the portfolio.  

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Published: Aug 12 2022


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