Happier and healthier people 

Meeting challenges brought on by modern society, SATS steps up to strengthen health.

The SATS Group consists of five brands: SATS, ELIXIA, Fresh Fitness, HiYoga and MentraTogether, they are the leading provider of fitness and training services in the Nordics with approx. 280 clubs in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. SATS works to offer their members full flexibility to tailor their experience to best meet individual needs. SATS offers studio facilities for individual training, a broad selection of group training programs and a wide range of online training sessions and digital solutions to meet each member’s wants and needs.  

What are the health challenges of modern society? 

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends adults to do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity per week. However, still a third of the population in the Nordic countries doesn’t reach the minimum recommendation on physical activity. A key challenge faced by SATS and its peers is to fight inactivity in society by inspiring and enabling increased physical activity.  

What is the potential and impact of SATS’ operations?

Inspiring people to exercise and thereby promoting public health is at the heart of SATS’ business. The positive public health effects of physical activity are significant and well-documented. With about 690,000 members, SATS has a large impact on the physical and mental health of people in the Nordics. With a strong focus on equality and inclusion, SATS is an employer that offers jobs, education, and personal growth to individuals from all backgrounds. While working towards making people happier and healthier, SATS also has strong ambitions to limit their environmental impact. More than 90% of the company’s GHG emissions are related to its supply chains (scope 3). Hence, SATS will need to create partnerships and engage with stakeholders to reach the goal of net zero emissions by 2045.  

In 2022, Altor released its first Sustainability Report based on data and information from 2021. For the report, a selection of portfolio companies were interviewed about their interesting ESG journeys. In the report you will find more on Altor’s work on Environmental, Social and Governance-related topics and other interesting cases from the portfolio.  

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Published: Aug 16 2022


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