Turning ordinary tap water into tasteful experiences

Aarke is now embarking on a journey towards a greener future with a new subscription service at its core.

Aarke designs premium products to refine tapped water into various beverages for everyday use. Their core product is a sparkling water maker, a carbonator, in sleek Nordic design, and a wide range of colors and materials. Machines built to last.  

Pernilla Ekman, CEO, Aarke

“Aarke was founded with the idea of bringing better products to the market. But there is a larger perspective than the product itself, we want to increase sustainability in everyday life, primarily by reducing the amount of pet bottles and plastics used.”

The company has a clear design focus at its core, the two founders are both born and raised industrial designers. But for everyone working at Aarke, design is more than appearance, it is about material selection and manufacturing processes that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

“We come from creating better products, but our brand is about the environment”, says Pernilla Ekman, CEO at Aarke. ”Instead of people carrying pet bottles of carbonated water or sodas home from the store, they should be able to get it using their own kitchen taps.” 

Environmental concerns are a part of the idea of the company. The engineers identified parts of the carbonator that were potentially sensitive to repeated use over time, and subsequently developed and adapted the machine throughout the testing process, so you can safely assume Aarke’s carbonators are built to last. Reducing the need for transportation along the way. The latest version of the sparkling water maker uses glass bottles, reducing the use of plastic even more.

Now the company has decided to go even further and offer the refilling of the CO2-cylinders used by carbonators as a subscription service, using green transportation and of course gas from renewable resources as refill. The subscription service started in the US in the spring of 2022.  

Aarke also produces a water filer pitcher, which allows you to get better water directly from the tap. A product that further reduces the need to move water in bottles long distances.

“In many large cities across the world, you do not want to drink water directly from the tap without first letting the water pass through a filter pitcher. Our filter pitcher, the Aarke Purifier, features a refillable steel filter cartridge and Aarke filter granules in customized refill bags. Here, too, a subscription model can be the way forward”, says Pernilla Ekman.

The end goal for the company is to offer a full chain for environmentally friendly beverages produced from tapped water. Climate neutral water that is not only good for you, but for the planet. 

Published: Aug 07 2022


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