An innovative partnership

Stefan Berg, CTO at Transcom

“Together we will be able to excel both our speed of growth, and our position in the market.”

Transcom enters collaboration with Silo AI to implement the opportunities of AI in the digital customer service industry. 

At Transcom, a provider of digitally enhanced customer experience services, it is crucial to be at the frontier of new and disruptive technologies. The company serves more than 300 clients globally, including disruptive e-commerce players, category redefining tech scale-ups, and global consumer companies.

That’s why it was only natural for Transcom, when an opportunity arose, to enter a strategic partnership with Silo AI, one of Europe’s largest private AI labs and an investment of Altor’s tech sector.

We met with Stefan Berg, CTO at Transcom, and talked about the purpose of the collaboration, and how he believes AI is going to accelerate the industry of digital customer service.

How did this collaboration come about?

At Transcom, we have applied “traditional” AI solutions for many years, but Generative AI is a relatively new area within our business, just like in most companies. Last spring we started to accelerate the work, and Mattias Holmström, Partner at Altor, suggested that we talk to Silo AI, a sister company in Altor’s portfolio. This was the first step, and the start of, what we believe will be a very innovative and forward-thinking partnership between Transcom and Silo AI, says Stefan Berg, CTO at Transcom.

Through the partnership, Transcom and Silo AI, will create a specialized language model (LLM) for CX. Using technology from Silo AI’s product arm, SiloGen, the specialized LLM aims to improve customer service and reduce associated costs while ensuring data integrity and security, making it especially attractive to European businesses.

What do you hope to achieve through the collaboration?

Let’s use ChatGPT as an example. It was revolutionary. General intelligence is great, but it’s Achilles’ heel is that it is just that, general. It knows a lot about a lot, but we need a higher degree of specialization for our clients and their customers. This is where Silo AI comes in, their solutions support us in learning more about our customer and consequently delivering better services. I am convinced that Silo’s advanced technology combined with our CX and development expertise will help Transcom to grow in new and, perhaps different, ways – with new potential business opportunities as a result.

Lastly, can you reveal what’s next, what does the future hold?

We envision a long-lasting and fruitful partnership with Silo, and we’ve only just started! Earlier this fall we launched a pilot project with an AI product that can significantly improve performance for our clients. This is why we initiated the partnership with Silo: they have cutting-edge expertise in AI, whilst we have cutting-edge expertise in our industry. Together we will be able to excel both our speed of growth, and our position in the market.

Without revealing too much, I can say that our ambition is to make a first joint launch in 2024. So, stay tuned.

Published: Jan 17 2024

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