Never ending energy 

With strong tailwinds, OX2 has taken on one of the great challenges of our time. Making renewables available.

OX2 develops, finances, constructs, and manages large-scale wind parks and solar farms across Europe. Through technological advancement and discoveries OX2 has realized over 2,3 GW of wind power in the Nordic region alone. Their current development portfolio of approximately 23 gigawatts means more energy could be produced than New York City would consume in a year

Sailing on strong tailwinds, OX2 has taken on one of the great challenges of our time. To make renewable energy available while generating benefits for both environment and investors.

Paul Stormoen, CEO, OX2.

“Businesses are driving the green transition today, both by creating demand for green energy but also by investing in increased supply. OX2 is an important part of this transition, creating jobs and opportunities along the way.”

“Both the latest report on the climate from the IPCC and the war in Ukraine have increased the focus on the need to quickly switch to renewable energy. And here a strong expansion of wind and solar energy is crucial”, says Paul Stormoen, CEO of OX2. 

In 2020 Altor entered as a significant minority investor of OX2. 

“We were very impressed by the employees at OX2, as well as the pace with which the management had grown the company and the real output of energy coming from that growth,” says Petter Samlin, Partner at Altor. 

Currently active in 11 countries, OX2’s business is sustainability. But building a truly sustainable company requires a broad approach. It is a question of both planet and profit. And people of course. For OX2 that means having the right talent, people with both the passion and the knowledge to drive change. But it also means building relationships with local communities so that everyone feels involved when development towards a more sustainable future takes place. 

“We are on an exciting mission, leading the ongoing energy transition towards renewables. The goal for the next couple of years is to keep creating growth while adding new geographies and technologies,” says Paul Stormoen, CEO of OX2. 

When the goal is to permanently increase the amount of renewable energy in the market, it is important that the economic side also is viable. Large scale change will demand commercial potential for wind power, being built on its own profitability. OX2 activity is proof that it can be done by developing wind farms but without any subsidies. This is only the beginning of the commercial evolution. 

Published: Aug 07 2022


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