In the mood 

Audiowell raises the bar for lifestyle music while helping creators live off their music.

In 1974 Blue Swede was the first Swedish act to top the Billboard list, since then many Swedish artists have met international success. Producers Andreas Romdhane and Josef Svedlund scored several UK #1 hits before finding a new style.

Both have worked for more than 20 years as music producers and songwriters, with several UK #1 singles to show for it, cooperating with diverse artists such as Westlife, Kelly Clarkson, Diana Ross and Il Divo to name a few. In 2013, they decided to work more closely with artists and creators, identifying talent on YouTube and supporting them by increasing production quality and broadening their reach, publishing music across multiple platforms. Their first signing to the label was Sofia Karlberg. Her rendition of Crazy in Love became viral on YouTube. Today she has over 2 million followers and over 600 million streams across multiple platforms. 

With the rise of streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music, the way people consume music has changed. Instead of listening to individual artists or creating own playlists, the curated playlists have become the way for most people to experience music. The playlists often target specific contexts like meditation, working, having dinner, reading, studying or putting your baby (or yourself) to sleep, and are becoming habits for the listeners. People are looking for the right mood rather than the right music. This has given rise to a new part of the music-sector were the high quality music and right ambience is more important than an individual artist.

Andreas Romdhane and Josef Svedlund saw the potential in mood music when the category was still nascent. They had the idea to improve the quality of the category by leveraging their existing artist network, thus also adding an additional revenue stream for them and enabling more creators to live off their music. Today Audiowell Group has over 100 music creators affiliated across the globe who focus on a broad range of genres such as Jazz, Relaxation, Acoustic, Dance, Rock, and Classical. In 2021, the company generated more than 160M SEK in revenues and reaches millions of listeners globally through 50+ streaming platforms.

Andreas Romdhane and Josef Svedlund, Audiowell

”There is so much creativity that needs an outlet. To come to the studio every day and work with our fantastic team of creators is pure joy. Now we want to step up the pace, and that is where Altor and Max Martin come in. They can help support us in scaling our team so that we can focus on supporting our creators and releasing quality music.”

To take the company to new heights, Audiowell and Altor have partnered up with world leading producer and co-investor Martin Sandberg (a.k.a. Max Martin), who provides strategic advice to the company and the founders.

Published: Aug 07 2022


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