Every mood has its own music

Andreas Romdhane and Josef Svedlund have worked together as music producers and songwriters since the 90’s. In 2013, they wanted to work closer to the artists and creators and founded their own label. The duo started out by identifying talent on YouTube, supporting those creators by increasing production quality and broadening their reach through releasing their music across multiple platforms.

Audiowell was founded with the vision to support creators, giving them the chance to create high quality mood music, and thus elevating the quality of the whole category. Today, Audiowell is proud to support a large and diverse network of music creators from across the world, reaching millions of listeners globally. Going forward, Audiowell focuses on further expanding the creator network by finding new unique talent across the globe.


Why we believe in Audiowell

  • Sizeable and growing global streaming market, where mood music is expected to outgrow the underlying market supported by increased contextual listening
  • Audiowell is the first mover and market leader of the mood music space, with a well progressed data analytics and back-end automation supporting future success
  • Beyond the core organic growth track there is ample room for M&A and strategic upsides in venturing into adjacent segments

About Audiowell

2023 turnover (CY)


Investment date

Dec 2021


Fund V

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