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The Nordic Leisure Travel Group: Everyone on board to change.

The Nordic Leisure Travel Group (NLTG) is the largest tour operator in the Nordic Region. The company owns four local brands: Ving, Spies, Tjäreborg & Globetrotter. They also operate their own airline and 25 concept hotels around the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and in Thailand. In a normal year, more than 1.5 million holiday packages across the Nordic markets are sold. It is a people business – with both global operations and local activity. They constantly work to build mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations with the communities they are active in.  

What are the social and environmental challenges facing the travel and leisure industry? 

There is a strong social responsibility aspect in the sector for the people and communities directly or indirectly impacted by the airline industry, hotel operations and tourism. As people’s desire to travel and explore continues to stay strong as covid-19 restrictions are lifted, the challenge for the industry is to construct a model for travel and tourism that creates good, rather than harm. The aviation industry faces multiple challenges from an environmental perspective, as it is responsible for about 2% of global CO2 emissions. Airlines must therefore continue to replace their aircrafts with more lightweight, fuel-efficient models until the ultimate net-zero aircraft is invented while working to explore new, alternative fuels.  

What is the potential and impact of NLTG’s operations?

The positive impact of NLTG’s business lies in the cultural exchange and the jobs created in the many destinations where they operate. They work with local authorities and businesses to ensure that operations are carried out in an ethically responsible way and have a positive impact on the local community. Two of NLTG’s recent partnerships with Save the Children and World Animal Protection support the mission of ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for children and the protection of animals and responsible animal experiences.  

NLTG is looking into the latest technological developments in the aviation industry and actively working towards a 25% reduction of carbon emissions per passenger kilometer of their own airline by 2030. NLTG has also set a net zero target for branded hotel operations by 2040 and for their own airline operations by 2050.  

In 2022, Altor released its first Sustainability Report based on data and information from 2021. For the report, a selection of portfolio companies were interviewed about their interesting ESG journeys. In the report you will find more on Altor’s work on Environmental, Social and Governance-related topics and other interesting cases from the portfolio.  

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Published: Aug 30 2022


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