AI as the engine for growth

The world’s first pure online media monitoring company takes on the task of monitoring social media in real-time.

Meltwater was founded in Oslo, Norway, in 2001. At the beginning it was a small-scale start-up consisting of two persons and a coffeemaker, tirelessly educating the Norwegian market on the value of tracking, monitoring, and analyzing online news.

The company grew fast and in 2008 had a physical presence on every continent. This was the beginning of the social media revolution and Meltwater was also one of the first companies to offer social listening and social media analytics – a service more and more companies started to see a need for. Impressed by the growth possibilities in the sector, and by Meltwater consistently outgrowing the market, Altor and Meltwater went into partnership in 2012. The partnership between Altor and Meltwater has been very active since.

Today, Meltwater help more than 25 000 clients to monitor, understand and influence the world around them. Meltwater’s monitoring systems makes it possible to do complex search and analytics instantly, this means decoding lots of data in real-time. Meltwater is tracking the entire Internet so that companies can make informed decisions for their brand in real time.

Using Meltwaters analytics, companies can sort through massive amounts of external data. Instead of basing decisions on outdated internal data, Meltwater’s systems help companies to see what’s happening right now. And how it can affect the future.

Tracking this amount of data takes enormous amounts of computing power, that’s why innovation is the backbone of the business and why Meltwater also have earned international recognition as one of the most prominent acquirers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science companies in the world.

In 2020 Meltwater started public trading on the Euronext Growth Stock Exchange in Oslo, moving to the Oslo Børs main list the year after. With 50 offices all over the world and over 2000 employees, Meltwater has come a long way from the two-person-one-coffeemaker start in 2001.

Published: Aug 02 2022


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