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Altor has heavily increased investments and partnerships in the tech sector. Let Mattias Holmström explain why.

In the last years, Altor has increased the number of partnerships in the tech sector, changing the firm along the way. In Altor’s fifth fund this shift is noticeable. In this fund with an ownership horizon of 15 years, about 40 percent of the money is invested in growth-focused situations. This can be compared with just over 10 percent in the very first Altor fund. 

Mattias Holmström, Partner at Altor

“It is in tech that a large part of the global value is created right now. And Nordic tech-companies are often in a league of their own.”

PE-ownership has changed over the last 20 years, we are investing in companies at earlier stages of their journeys, and we are broadening the types of companies we are investing in. Today, tech companies are a much larger part of our partnerships than before, says Mattias Holmström, Partner at Altor.

One such example of Altor partnerships is the investment in Raw Fury, a smaller game-developer, founded in 2015 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. 

“Indie game publishers are well positioned in an exciting market. Raw Fury has a great brand driven by their artsy niche and strong culture. We are here to support them going forward”, says Mattias Holmström. 

The feeling seems to be mutual, when Raw Fury announced the partnership in a press release CEO Jónas Antonsson said of Altor “They are an incredible partner,” noting Altor’s belief in Raw Fury’s “stubbornness”. 

Altor has a strong track-record of building world-class companies, companies that can grow fast all around the world, today digitalization is also driving change in almost all other industries as well. This is the reasoning behind Altor’s investment in ARC, a Nordic digital consultancy.

Digital companies are growing faster than ever before, to a size that makes them interesting for a fund like ours. ARC is such an example. “When I first met the founder, four-five years ago, they were too small for us. But we kept in touch and in the spring of 2019, the company had grown rapidly, and at the end of that year we entered a partnership with the founder and the team”, says Mattias Holmström. 

Building the digital transformation powerhouse ARC in 2019

Published: Aug 09 2022


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