Building the green transition 

We can’t be dependent on fossil fuels in the future. For Altor that means playing our part in Europe’s green transition.

Watch the film and learn more about Altor’s view on the Green Transition

Altor is committed to the 1.5-degree target set in the Paris Agreement. Meaning that global temperatures should not exceed the pre-industrial level with more than that. This demands a severe reduction of current carbon dioxide emissions, a reduction that needs to happen fast. It will require new approaches, entrepreneurship, and creativity.  

Many of the largest transformative projects that happen within the green transition are in Scandinavia, a trend that has made McKinsey coin the region as the Silicon Valley of Green Transition. Altor has its roots in the region and sees plenty of opportunity to combine our skills and experiences to support these important opportunities. Building new businesses often means disrupting the old, the type of companies that Altor is currently supporting will not only reduce carbon dioxide emissions themselves. They will also lead the way and inspire other companies on similar journeys.

All companies at Altor will need to take the ongoing transition into account. But it is also about building new green businesses. OX2, Svea Solar, Vianode, and H2 Green Steel are four prominent examples among many others. 

Watch the film and learn more about Altor’s view on the Green Transition.

Harald Mix, Partner at Altor

“We’re not talking about new verticals that will grow 20 percent per year. They are going to have to grow 20 times in 10 years.”

Published: Aug 31 2022


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