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Vianode, founded in 2021, is a producer of sustainable battery materials. The company is built upon technological advancements and experience developed over several years. Vianode’s range of synthetic graphite products offers unique performance characteristics and are produced with significantly lower CO2 emissions than today’s standard materials – supporting the ambitions of leading battery cell and automotive manufacturers.

Vianode is backed by Hydro and Altor.


Why we believe in Vianode

  • Electric Vehicles (“EVs”) expected to reach >50% penetration in Europe by 2030, fuelling ~40% p.a. increase in battery production
  • Li-ion is expected to remain the dominant battery technology for EVs where graphite will remain the most important anode input factor – this is expected to yield >5x growth in demand towards 2030
  • Vianode is a strategically located sustainable greenfield project with green hydro energy to deliver close to zero CO2 footprint graphite, a leading cost structure over time and superior product quality

About Vianode

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Investment date

Sep 2022


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