Shaping airflow for future generations

Multi-Wing Group is the leading manufacturer of customized axial fans and impellers for engine cooling, HVAC&R, and industrial applications. By optimizing the aerodynamics and shaping better airflow, noise levels can be decreased and energy used for ventilation and cooling can be reduced, helping the world transition to a more sustainable future.


Why we believe in Multi-Wing

  • The customized axial fan market is an attractive niche growing 4-6 percent per year characterized by a high level of R&D and application engineering
  • Multi-Wing delivers best-in-class products rooted in deep aerodynamic and application expertise and offers an attractive price-to-value proposition for customers through its market leading energy-efficient fans
  • There are several attractive growth areas both within the core axial impeller business and in the much larger fan solution market covering high growth applications such as data centers

About Multi-Wing

2022 turnover (Calendar year)

EUR 109M



Investment date

Sep 2021


Fund V

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