Rethinking plastics

Trioworld is one of Europe’s leading players within innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions based on polyethylene film. The products are used in various industries, including agriculture, consumer packaging and forestry. The company is a fast-paced innovator, focusing on environmentally friendly circular plastics.


Why we believe in Trioworld

  • Trioworld is a frontrunner in the industry with strong positions in various niche markets. Focus is on high-tech products enabled by a significant investment program in both machinery and R&D in recent years
  • The group has a strong brand, long-term customer relationships and world-class products
  • The company has a high level of expertise within recycling and sustainable raw materials which is an accelerating trend in the industry

About Trioworld

2022 turnover (Calendar year)

EUR 755M



Investment date

March 2018


Fund IV

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