Flex IT

Making hardware circular

Flex IT is a leading European IT distributor of circular IT hardware, software and services providing sustainable IT solutions to organizations in the commercial and public sector. Flex IT operates in two divisions, where the Distribution business focuses on distribution of refurbished and renewed IT products (such as EOL, ITAD and Demo products), and the Rent business rents out new and refurbished IT hardware which is later sold through the Distribution business.


Why we believe in Flex IT

  • Refurbished IT hardware represents an attractive market niche in the overall IT hardware market and contributes to a more circular and sustainable world
  • Flex IT is a leading pan-European distributor of refurbished and renewed IT equipment and solutions with a strong online platform and sales force
  • Strong logic for consolidation of a fragmented market and several organic growth opportunities including international expansion

About Flex IT

2023 turnover (CY)

EUR 112M



Investment date

Mar 2016


Fund IV

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