Nordic Climate Group

For a better climate

Nordic Climate Group (NCG) is a provider of services and installations of cooling and heating systems across Sweden, Norway and Finland. NCG focuses on helping their customers minimize climate footprint through maximizing energy efficiency and by driving the shift towards climate neutral refrigerants. NCG’s success to date is a result of entrepreneurial spirit, decentralized operations with cooperation within selected areas such as in winning new business, recruitment & training, procurement, and sharing of technological know-how.


Why we believe in Nordic Climate Group

  • Attractive niche with strong tailwinds driven by need to improve energy efficiency in buildings and industrial processes, combined with high barriers to entry due to high technical requirements
  • NCG is the Nordic market leader with a group of high performing reputable local companies and strong entrepreneurship
  • Opportunity to continue consolidation of existing and new geographies and reap benefits of scale for all stakeholders

About Nordic Climate Group

2022 turnover (Calendar year)

EUR 250M



Investment date

Jun 2022


Fund V

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