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The very glue of the commercial world, Business Services, is one of the most diverse sectors – and in our opinion, one of the most attractive. From logistics to construction and from wholesalers to specialized consulting, business services companies support their fellow businesses in adjacent sectors and are instrumental to their success. We believe that business services companies have their own distinct operational logics and characteristics, often with numerous employees at the heart of the business, which offers unique avenues for value creation. Read moreBy engaging at a size where we create the most impact, the flexible Altor mandate lets us apply the tools and managerial expertise necessary to lift strong service companies to the forefront of the global market. All with an agility and openness that few can match. Typically, we build the companies in close partnership with founders and management. Together we have been able to grow the companies both organically and through M&A, to boost productivity and to transform industries across the sector. Successful investments in OX2, Eleda, NTG, Dustin and Transcom demonstrate our long experience in building sustainable market preference. Many companies are investing in a green transition; supporting that journey has become one of our specialties. With a strategic understanding of roll-up and digitalization, we empower companies to compete and win in the broadest possible market, where our established network of advisors and specialists create a valuable community for all sector companies.

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Business Services sector team

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