An inextricable part of everyday life, today’s tech impact is as broad as the tech evolution is fast moving. With every innovation sparking fresh applications, this is a sector alive with potential and most often with a global scope. By deftly assembling an experienced and passionate Altor team and advisor network, we are ready to make the most of every opportunity. Thanks to our Nordic roots, Altor has grown up in the heart of Europe’s leading tech scene. By focusing on proven, profitable business models within software-led companies and digital services, in particular we’ve been able to influence a small part of its success. Partnerships with Meltwater, QNTM and Rillion have exposed us to some of the most exciting minds in tech, while investments in ARC, Silo AI and Raw Fury place us in the heart of a thriving tech-enhanced creative culture. Read moreAs data fuels the ongoing explosion of new experiences, devices and user requirements, customer expectations continue to soar. We are all demanding ever-more seamless interactions in both commercial and personal contexts. With the worlds of applied AI/ML, cyber security, cloud/edge computing, next-gen SW development, SaaS models and privacy regularly colliding, we have been able to assemble a unique team of specialists to see and seize the opportunities this sector presents. Our established network of advisors, playbooks, and community of tech leaders in the companies, benefit all our companies in this sector. This might be by reaching new markets, exploring alternative operating models, or scaling from fast-growing companies to major global players. When companies are seeking a partner to enable rapid scaling, we are humbled that they turn to Altor.

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