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2020 turnover

EUR 995M

No. of employees


Acquisition date

June 2019


Fund IV

XXL is a leading Nordic sports retailer. XXL offers a one stop shopping experience with a wide range of products for sports, hunting, skiing, biking and other outdoor activities. It has a wide product assortment, focused on branded goods at a competitive price point, offered through its e-commerce portal and through big-box stores.

Why we believe in XXL:

  • XXL is the leading retailer for branded sporting goods in Europe with scale advantages throughout its supply chain
  • The Nordic and Austrian markets for sporting goods are attractive, driven by sports interested populations with high purchasing power
  • XXL is the best positioned sports retail company to succeed in an increasingly digital market through its low cost position, efficient supply chain and strong e-commerce portal


Pål Wibe


Investment Advisory Team

Pål Stampe

Tom Jovik

Håkon Falck Nordskar